Title:What are the Best Economic Options for Managing Leakage?
This Webcast will discuss the newly completed project, Real Loss Component Analysis: A Tool for Economic Water Loss Control (project #4372), which will help managers analyze and reduce water utility system leakage in the most cost effective way. The project produced a free user-friendly model that is a major improvement in standard leakage component analysis for the water utility community.
The model supports AWWA M36 and uses the IWA/AWWA Water Audit as input. Ten North American utilities assisted with developing and beta testing the model. Additional funding was provided by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The webinar will specifically cover:
• Goals and Background of Project 4372
• Findings of a Literature Review
• Purpose and Outputs of the Model
• Recommendations on Applying the Model
• Next Steps on Outreach and Training
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Maureen Hodgins, WRF; Reinhard Sturm and Kate Gasner, WSO; and Chris Leauber, Water and Wastewater Authority of Wilson County, Tennessee
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