Title:Water Footprint and Sustainable Water Utilities
The water footprint concept has been used by agricultural, commercial, and industrial water users to measure and report their water consumption, assess the magnitude of environmental impact(s) arising from this consumption, and identify opportunities for risk mitigation strategies that promote sustainable water use. However, water utilities have not studied and documented the application of this concept in the same manner that other industries have. This Webcast, based on project #4378, will present (1) the growing body of information on the water footprint concept, (2) opportunities for integrating the water footprint concept into water utility planning efforts as a broader means of achieving and maintaining sustainable communities, and (3) guidance that water utilities can follow for implementing this concept within their organizations. The final report for this project is now available.
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Mohammad Badruzzaman - MWH Americas, Inc.
Tim Hess - Cranfield University