Title:A Monitoring and Control Toolbox for Biological Filtration
​​Biological filtration is rapidly being embraced and implemented by the drinking water industry in North America. However it is often implemented in an incidental manner. Managed biological filtration involves application of sound scientific and engineering principles to the design, monitoring, operations, and control of the biological processes as well as the physical filtration process. To this end, practical monitoring and control tools for biological filtration are needed. Project #4231 identified and evaluated a number of tools at numerous utilities across North America. These tools included existing and innovative methods for on-line and off-line analysis of various forms of organic carbon that are relevant to biological filtration, biological activity in the biological filters, general water quality parameters, and operational parameters. In addition, various control tools were evaluated. The outcome of the project includes a final report and guidance manual, both of which are currently available. This Webcast included descriptions of the monitoring and control tools and practical tips on how they can be used to enhance biological filtration operations and performance.
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​Pat Evans, PhD
CDM Smith
Jennifer Smith, PE
CDM Smith