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4/25/2019Challenges and Practical Approaches to Water Reuse Pricing

​Pricing reuse water poses many unique challenges that must be navigated in order to develop and sustain a reuse program. There are also a variety of benefits that can be realized throughout the progression of a reuse program. A recently completed project, Challenges and Practical Approaches to Water Reuse Pricing (#4662), sought to better understand the obstacles and opportunities associated with reuse pricing. This project provides practical information to assist utility practitioners and other water sector professionals as they grapple with the challenges of setting prices, generating revenues, and recovering costs from the provision of reuse water, with a focus on nonpotable reuse (NPR). This webcast will present a comprehensive overview of the project objectives, results, utility case studies, and recommendations for utilities.

5/14/2019Unintended Consequences of Implementing Nitrosamine Control Strategies

​NDMA is the nitrosamine detected most frequently in drinking water and the U.S. EPA continues to consider the impact of nitrosamines formation during disinfection at drinking water treatment plants, as indicated in its third Six-Year Review of the Safe Drinking Water Act (82 FR 3518). If EPA decides to regulate NDMA, affected water systems will need to explore strategies to reduce concentrations in their finished water and distribution systems. While numerous NDMA control strategies have been identified, most options carry simultaneous compliance, operational, and/or cost implications. This webcast presents findings from WRF’s project Unintended Consequences of Implementing Nitrosamine Control Strategies (4491), which focuses on 1) evaluating the unintended consequences of implementing nitrosamine control strategies, and 2) developing practical guidelines for water systems to identify control strategies, while considering those consequences.