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1/11/2018Condition Assessment & Pipe Failure Prediction Project: Key Outcomes and Sydney Water Case Study
This is the last in a series of three webcasts presenting the results of Advanced Condition Assessment and Failure Prediction Technologies for Optimal Management of Critical Water Supply Pipes (project #4326).

Sydney Water has continuously implemented research outcomes from this project to defer capital expenditure by $10 million and better target their renewal program, which has reduced their yearly critical water main renewal costs from $50 million to $30 million. This webcast will show how Sydney Water has already implemented and will continue to implement the outcomes to achieve improved customer satisfaction and targeted renewal. This includes an operationalization project to validate and implement the outcomes. Institutionalization of the tools is occurring, with Sydney Water's team translating research outcomes to "business as usual" as part of a continuous improvement program to benefit Sydney Water customers.

The second part of this webcast will outline aspects of implementation phase R&D work with Sydney Water. With respect to a pipeline considered for renewal, it will outline the use of the tools developed for determination of likelihood of failure.

Research partners on this project include Water Research Foundation, Sydney Water, Hunter Water Corporation, City West Water, Melbourne Water, South East Water Limited, Water Corporation of West Australia, South Australia Water, and UKWIR.
1/23/2018Enabling the Water Resources Utility of the Future - Webinar Series
Achieving and Maintaining Economic and Social Health for the Community

The landscape that has traditionally driven clean water utilities is changing rapidly. Today’s utility managers are no longer just treating and discharging wastewater. They are looking for ways to optimize their efficiency, recover valuable resources, and enhance their contribution to the overall health of watersheds and their communities.

As ”anchor institutions” in their communities, these Utilities of the Future employ innovative approaches not only to meet their own goals, but also to support the financial and social health of the communities they serve. Please join NACWA, WEF, U.S. EPA, WateReuse, and WE&RF for this webinar describing how leading clean water utilities are using innovative assistance programs to support low-income ratepayers and small water systems serving surrounding communities, enhancing the overall economic and social well-being of the entire area.
1/25/2018Direct Potable Reuse Confidence Through Risk Analysis
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Potable water reuse requires the highest level of engineering and operations detail and excellence. Through the combination of purification steps and operating training, potable reuse systems have been shown to be protective of public health. However, important questions remain – How much treatment is necessary? How often do systems fail? What is the potential health impact of “off-spec” water? WE&RF's Reuse-14-16 addresses these questions directly. Members of the project team will walk through the steps required to develop a risk assessment for potable reuse treatment trains and will explain how to integrate large data sets into the risk analysis, develop an understanding of failure frequency and impact, and quantify the risk to public health associated with different purification trains and failure scenarios.