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7/11/2019Reform EBPR Design for Sustainable Nutrient Removal with Carbon and Energy Recovery
This webcast will examine a new side-stream enhanced biological phosphorus removal (EBPR) process (S2EBPR) that involves a side-stream anaerobic biological sludge hydrolysis and fermentation reactor to address the common challenge in EBPR related to weak wastewater influent and to improve EBPR process stability. The overall goals of the project, Optimization and Design of Side-Stream EBPR Process as a Sustainable Approach for Achieving Stable and Efficient Phosphorus Removal (U1R13), were to examine the fundamental mechanisms involved in the S2EBPR process and to develop criteria for effective design and operation of the process. The presenter will discuss how the research team achieved the objectives and conducted a survey of data from full-scale S2EBPR facilities, simulated side-stream reactor batch testing, performed full-scale pilot testing with side-by-side S2EBPR and conventional EBPR processes, and developed an improved biological process model for S2EBPR.