Title:Cr(VI) Treatment Design & Costing Tool
The Cr(VI) Treatment Design and Costing Tool was developed as part of WRF project #4561. This tool, along with the report, can serve as an initial step for a utility in planning a hexavalent chromium removal project. By using the tool with project specific flow rates and water quality parameters, utilities can assess basic design options and costs associated with the various wellhead hexavalent chromium treatment options. Even though the tool is tailored for specific water qualities, the findings and results of the tool should be verified by bench and/or pilot testing prior to full-scale consideration. The tool was programmed as a series of Microsoft Excel spreadsheets to prompt the user for input and conduct calculations.
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Long Description:
‚ÄčIn order to successfully use the tool, the user must interact with the input and output forms. The user will have to enter information on the input form and then the tool will calculate design and cost parameters and display the results on the output form. The tool specifically focuses on treatment technologies that small water utilities can consider and implement, i.e., WBA and SBA exchange processes.
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