Water Research Foundation Resources Expert Symposiums Sustainable Water Management Conference 2017

Hosted by the American Water Works Association, this annual conference brings together water sector stakeholders to focus on sustainability. Specific themes include balancing the benefits and costs of conservation, water resource management, sustainable infrastructure, urban planning, energy efficiency, reuse, and more.

The 2017 Sustainable Water Management Conference was held March 19-22, 2017 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

These presentations are posted with permission of the American Water Works Association.

Conference Presentations:

Real Loss Component Analysis: What’s Your Leakage Profile? (Project #4372) – Reinhard Sturm and Kate Gasner, Water Systems Optimization

Business Continuity Plans for Water Utilities (Project #4319) – Mary Smith, Water Research Foundation

A Framework for Water Utilities to Perform Long-Term Water Supply Planning, Incorporating Concepts of Integration, Reliability, and Sustainability (Project #4615) – Chip Paulson and Mohammad Badruzzaman, MWH and Kathryn Henderson, Water Research Foundation

Implementing One Water Management: Workshop and Blueprint (Project #4660) – Lynn Williams Stephens, Brown and Caldwell

Application of the Water Footprinting Concept for Sustainable Water Management (Project #4652) – Mohammad Badruzzaman, Lynette Dollar, Adrian Johnson, Mark Futter, Carla Cherchi, and Joseph Jacangelo, MWH; David Riley, Anglian Water; and Tim Hess, Canfield University

Preparing for Climate Change Uncertainty in Honolulu (Project #4637) – Lynn Williams Stephens, Brown and Caldwell

Evaluation of Customer Information and Data Processing Needs for Water Demand Planning and Management (Project #4527) – Jack C. Kiefer and Lisa R. Krentz, Hazen and Sawyer