Water Research Foundation Resources Expert Symposiums Sustainable Water Management Conference 2016

Hosted by the American Water Works Association, this annual conference brings together water sector stakeholders to focus on sustainability. Specific themes include balancing the benefits and costs of conservation, water resource management, sustainable infrastructure, urban planning, energy efficiency, reuse, and more.

The 2016 Sustainable Water Management Conference was held March 7–10, 2016 in Providence, Rhode Island.

Conference Presentations:​

Uncertainty in Long-Term Water Demand Forecasting (Project #4558) – Jack Kiefer, Hazen and Sawyer

Analysis of the Effectiveness of Short-term Demand Forecasting and Recommendations for Improvement (Project #4501) – Tom Fullerton, Adam Walke, Alejandro Ceballos, Juan Cárdenas, University of Texas at El Paso

Water Demand Forecasting in Uncertain Times: Isolating the Effects of the Great Recession (Project #4458) – Jack Kiefer, Hazen and Sawyer

Seeking Pathways for Water and Electric Utility Integrated Planning (Project #4469) – Steve Conrad, Simon Fraser University and Steven Kenway, University of Queensland 

Green Energy Life Cycle Assessment Tool v2 (GELCAT2) (Project #4464) – Peter Kobylarek, Leidos