Water Research Foundation Resources Expert Symposiums Effective Utility Management Benchmarking

​The Water Research Foundation (WRF) conducted a workshop during the International Water Association Conference in April 2015 to engage utilities that helped develop and test the WRF performance benchmarking tool developed in WRF Project #4313, Performance Benchmarking for Effectively Managed Water Utilities. Eight water and wastewater utilities presented their experiences in meeting strategic goals by using the ten attributes of Effective Utility Management and other frameworks and tools, including the performance benchmarking tool developed by WRF.

Workshop Summary: Effective Utility Management Benchmarking — Current Practice and Future Opportunities

Overview of Project 4313, Products and Feedback from Utilities -- Mike Matichich CH2M

Recommended Process for Self-Assessment Benchmarking and Demonstration of Tool -- Fair Yeager, CH2M

Integrating the EUM Benchmarking Tool into Albuquerque's Strategic Planning Process -- Frank Roth, Senior Policy Manager, Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Utility Authority, New Mexico

Toho's Continuous Improvement Journey -- Michael Sweeney, Deputy Executive Director, Toho Water Authority

Utilizing a Phased Approach to Implement EUM -- Amber Halloran, Vice-President and Treasurer, and Matthew Griffith, Business Development Analyst, Louisville Water Company

Charleston Water System Performance Management and Benchmarking -- Rick Bickerstaff, Charleston Water System

Effective Utility Management: All About Sustainability and Still Going Strong -- Jim Horne, EPA

Effective Utility Management Louisville MSD Stakeholder Engagement Plan -- Greg Heitzman, Executive Director, Louisville Metropolitan Sewer District

New York City Department of Environmental Protection and Benchmarking -- Albert Kramer, Chief of Staff to First Deputy Commissioner, New York City Department of Environmental Protection

Toronto Water EUM Model Evaluation -- Madis Kreem, Business Management Analyst, Toronto Water Business Operations Management

Water Services Association of Australia Asset Management Improvement project (Aquamark) -- Greg Ryan, Executive Director, WSAA

AWWA and Utility Management -- Kenneth Mercer, Senior Manager of Technical and Research Programs, AWWA