Water Research Foundation Resources Recently Completed Projects

WaterRF research projects tackle a variety of issues related to total water management, resulting in valuable resources that help increase the understanding and application of research results. These resources include detailed reports, case studies, live and recorded Webcasts, Web Tools, guidance manuals, and much more.​ View our most recently completed projects and accompanying resources via the links below.

Additional project listings can be found on www.werf.org​.

Report #Report Title
4421Development of Action Spectra Correction Factors for UV Inactivation of Cryptosporidium
4615Framework for Evaluating Alternative Water Supplies: Balancing Cost with Reliability, Resilience and Sustainability
4584Evaluation of Flushing to Reduce Lead Levels
4658Corrosion of Nonleaded Pump Impeller Alloys in Chlorinated Potable Water
4607Influence of Pre-oxidation Prior to GAC Treatment in Controlling DBPs
4386Decision Support System for Reducing EDCs and PPCPs in Drinking Water: User Guide
4659Collaborative Utility Benchmarking in North America
4751Renewing the Water Workforce: Improving Water Infrastructure and Creating a Pipeline to Opportunity
4739AFostering Innovation: Culture & Engagement
4739BFunding Innovation: Creative Funding Vehicles
4650AAn Evaluation of the Value of Structurally Enhanced PVC Pipe
4650BInstallation Guide for iPVC Pipe
4492Evaluation of cVOC Removal Efficiencies by Various Technologies
4665Alternative Water Source Requirements for Conventional Drinking Water Treatment
4326Advanced Condition Assessment and Failure Prediction Technologies for Optimal Management of Critical Water Supply Pipes