Water Research Foundation Resources Recently Completed Projects

WaterRF research projects tackle a variety of issues related to total water management, resulting in valuable resources that help increase the understanding and application of research results. These resources include detailed reports, case studies, live and recorded Webcasts, Web Tools, guidance manuals, and much more.‚Äč View our most recently completed projects and accompanying resources via the links below.

Report #Report Title
4697Four Steps to Effective Cyanotoxin Communications: A Risk Communications Toolkit
4623AIntegrating Land Use and Water Resources: Planning to Support Water Supply Diversification
4623BCoordinated Planning Guide: A How-To Resource for Integrating Alternative Water Supply and Land Use Planning
4635WaterWatts: A Modern Look at Wastewater Power-Metering Data
90963Random Demands, Travel Times, and Water Quality in Deadends
4736Adapting to Change: Utility Systems and Declining Flows
4490Visual Guidance for Common Pipe Failures
4704Proceedings of the 10th JWWA/WRF/CTWWA Water System Seismic Conference
4350AAssociation Between Distribution System Characteristics and Microbial Water Quality
4350BDesigning Epidemiology Studies for Drinking Water Distribution Systems: A Guidance Manual
4586Optimization of Phosphorus-Based Corrosion Control Chemicals Using a Comprehensive Perspective of Water Quality
4553Selecting Cost-Effective Condition Assessment Technologies for High-Consequence Water Mains
4260EDC/PPCP Benchmarking and Monitoring Strategies for Drinking Water Utilities
90949Ammonia From Chloramine Decay: Effects on Distribution System Nitrification
4567Enhanced Removal of Nutrients and Trace Organic Contaminants in Pilot-Scale Stormwater Treatment Systems
4599Demonstration of the Health Canada Quantitative Microbial Risk Assessment Tool for Two Drinking Water Plants in the United Kingdom