Water Research Foundation Resources Recently Completed Projects

WaterRF research projects tackle a variety of issues related to total water management, resulting in valuable resources that help increase the understanding and application of research results. These resources include detailed reports, case studies, live and recorded Webcasts, Web Tools, guidance manuals, and much more.​ View our most recently completed projects and accompanying resources via the links below.

Additional project listings can be found on www.werf.org​.

Report #Report Title
4814Evaluation of Data Needs for Nutrient Target-Setting Using the Nutrient Modeling Toolbox
4880Evaluating the Fate of Coliphages in WRRFs and Potential Costs to Reduce Coliphages in WRRF Effluents
4947High-Tech Analysis of Low-Tech Methods for Sustainable Class A Biosolids Production
4625Opportunities and Barriers for Renewable and Distributed Energy Resource Development at Drinking Water and Wastewater Utilities
4903Self-Healing Hydrogel-Composite Membranes: From Proof of Concept to Water Reuse Application
4560GAC Control of Regulated and Emerging DBPs of Health Concern
4508Assessment of Techniques to Evaluate Water Quality from Direct and Indirect Potable Reuse Facilities
4652Pilot-Scale Demonstration of the Water Footprint Concept for Sustainable Decision Making
4699Kinetic Modeling and Experimental Investigation of Chloramine Photolysis in Ultraviolet-Driven Advanced Water Treatment
4620Guidance Manual for Monitoring Biological Filtration of Drinking Water
4695Guidance on Implementing an Effective Water Loss Control Plan
4733Workshop: Advancing Understanding of Microbiomes in Drinking Water Distribution Systems and Premise Plumbing Using Meta-omics Techniques