The 2019 Sustainable Water Management Conference will take place in Tucson, AZ on March 31−April 3. Attendees will learn about solutions for balancing the benefits of conservation with the costs, managing water resources, sustainable utilities and infrastructure, urban planning and design, energy efficiency, water conservation, stormwater, and reuse. The following sessions will feature presentations led by The Water Research Foundation staff – please join us in these engaging discussions.

Demand Management – Forecasting for the Future
Monday, April 1 10:30 – 12:00 pm Salon D
Maureen Hodgins, WRF Research Manager, will moderate a session that addresses methods and models for management of rapid urban growth and the quantification of future water supply.

Leak Detection and Regulatory Trends
Tuesday, April 2 7:15 – 8:15 am Salon D
Maureen Hodgins, WRF Research Manager, will moderate a session that discusses the need for innovative approaches to manage and mitigate water loss as future water loss control reporting regulations become imminent.

Potential of Using Recycled Water in Agriculture
Monday, April 1 1:30 – 3:00 pm Salon J
Kristan VandenHeuvel, WRF Research Manager, will lead a discussion on the potential for using recycled water for several beneficial purposes to reduce the dependency on freshwater, especially for agricultural irrigation.

Implementing Effective Water Efficiency Measures
Tuesday, April 2 3:30 – 5:00 pm Salon D
Frank Blaha, WRF Regional Liaison, will moderate a session that will enable participants to learn from experts what it takes to create a successful water efficiency program.

Community-enabled Lifecycle Analysis of Stormwater Infrastructure Costs (CLASIC): An Integrated Decision Support System
Monday, April 1 11:00 – 11:30 am Salon E
Harry Zhang, WRF Program Director, will explain the Community-enabled Lifecycle Analysis of Stormwater Infrastructure Costs (CLASIC) tool, an integrated decision support system for assessing lifecycle cost of both gray and green infrastructure along with co-benefits at a community level.

Mapping Climate Exposure and Climate Information Needs to Utility Business Functions
Monday, April 1 2:00 pm Salon E
Maureen Hodgins, WRF Research Manager, will discuss a replicable Water Utility Business Function Framework and Guidebook that utilities can use to create an enterprise-wide understanding and prioritization of the exposure, sensitivities, and opportunities for utility business functions.

Adaptive Management Plan to Mitigate Potential Risks to Hawaii Water Supply
Monday, April 1 2:30 pm Salon E
Lynn Williams Stephens, WRF’s principal investigator for this project will discuss the partnership between the Honolulu Board of Water Supply (BWS) and WRF to develop an adaptive management plan to mitigate the potential risks to BWS’ water supply, water quality, and distribution system infrastructure based on an evaluation of climate change impacts.