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RFP_4684Incentives For Green Infrastructure On Private Property: Lessons Learned
A compendium of research results produced by this project will identify successes and lessons learned on how green infrastructure, low-impact development (LID), and, where relevant, green building can be incentivized on private property through retrofits or during new development and redevelopment beyond the minimum required by development ordinances.
8/10/2016 3:00 PM
RFP_4685Project Delivery Performance Evaluation And Decision Support Tool For Water And Wastewater Capital Projects
This project consists of two primary objectives,
1) Develop a qualitative and quantitative performance evaluation of design-bid-build (DBB), design-build (DB), and construction manager at risk (CMAR) project delivery methods for the water and wastewater industry and 2) Create a web-based decision support tool based on the evaluation and analysis from Objective 1
8/10/2016 3:00 PM

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The Water Research Foundation is accepting proposals only online for the following projects at  To begin the process of submitting a proposal online, you will need a website login and the name or RFP# of the project for which you want to submit a proposal.  Information about submitting a proposal online is contained in the RFP. 

RFP_4667Long Term Water Demand Forecasting Practices for Water Resources and Infrastructure Planning
Describe models, methods and practices currently used to forecast long-term demand in support of water resources and infrastructure planning and management. To the extent possible, discuss how current practices have evolved over time. Consider the accuracy of different forecasting approaches by comparing actual with model-estimated demands and comment on the relative effectiveness of different approaches. Identify the extent to which forecasting models, methods, practices and communications actually influence decisions about utility plans and actions. Develop recommendations that will help improve the role and effectiveness of demand forecasting practices and different types of communication strategies on water resource and infrastructure planning and decision-making.
7/13/2016 5:00 PM
RFP_4669Biological Filtration: NDMA Control or Source of Precursors?
• Develop a better mechanistic understanding of the impact of biofiltration on NDMA precursors.
• Provide guidance to utilities to control the formation of NDMA during biofiltration while
minimizing potential unintended consequences.
7/13/2016 5:00 PM
RFP_4690Trends And Best Practices Of Water And Wastewater Capacity And Connection Charges And Transactions
Evaluate utility capacity charge programs and identify best practices, innovation, and emerging trends within those programs.
8/24/2016 5:00 PM