Water Research Foundation Funding Project Report Guidelines

​The following documents provide information, standards, and guidelines about reports and other deliverables related to research projects sponsored by the Water Research Foundation.

Intellectual Property (IP)
JournalPublishingGuidelines.pdfGuidelines for Publishing WRF Research Findings in Third-Party Journals
This document contains dos and don'ts for WRF researchers who wish to publish findings from their WRF projects in 3rd-party journals.
IntellectualPropertyGuidelinesforPIsandco-PIs.pdfIntellectual Property (IP) Guidelines for PIs and co-PIs
Preparing Periodic Reports
PeriodicReport_Attachment1.pdfPeriodic Report Format and Content
Preparing Research Reports
WRFCopyrightPermissionForm.docCopyright Permission Form
This form must filled out by the researcher and submitted with all research reports and project deliverables.
DocumentPacketForPreparingResearchReports.zipDocuments For Preparing Research Reports
This zip file is intended to make it easy for researchers to download the stand alone documents named under “Preparing Research Reports” and “Supporting Resources”.   Please download and unzip/extract the files to your local device.
Utility_Confirmation_Letter.pdfExample Utility Letter of Confirmation
In accordance with the Project Funding Agreement, these letters must be signed by a representative of the participating utility.  This is an example of language that participating utilities might include in their confirmation letters.
FinalReportChecklist.pdfFinal Report Checklist
This form must be submitted with the completed Final Report package.
ProjectDeliverableGuidelines.pdfProject Deliverable Guidelines
This document provides guidance on the types of project deliverables accepted by The Water Research Foundation.
ResearchReportTemplate.docxResearch Report Template
Researchers who plan to prepare a standard research report as their project deliverable should follow the formatting guidelines set forth in the Research Report Template.
Electronic Media
SoftwareCriteria.pdfSoftware Criteria
These are criteria used by WRF to determine whether software should to be created either to replace or to accompany a printed research report.
WebsiteCriteriaFeasibilityStudy.pdfWebsite Criteria Feasibility Study
Feasibility Study and criteria used by the Foundation to determine whether a web-based product such as a Web site or Web tool should be created to replace a printed research report.
Supporting Resources
In addition to the above project deliverables, the Foundation offers a collection of supporting findings that complement our research. Foundation project managers select items which offer additional information to projects and topics. The following documents assist researchers in offering these supporting resources to subscribers.
WRF_Brand_Guidelines.pdfBrand Guidelines
This document outlines the visual standards for The Water Research Foundation brand.
SampleLettertoRequestPermissiontoUseCopyrightedMaterialsforaSupportingResource.docSample Letter Requesting Permission to Use Copyrighted Materials for Supporting Resources
This document provides a template for researchers to request permission for use from another publisher of their material when they have assigned copyright to other entities.