Building-Scale Treatment for Direct Potable Water Reuse & Intelligent Control for Real Time Performance Monitoring - 4691
Completion Year Research Value Research Manager Principal Investigator Contractor
2021 $438,653.00 Ms. Kristan VandenHeuvel Manisha Kothari San Francisco Public Utilities Commission
DPR starts with raw wastewater and ends with purified water that is protective of public health. This project will use innovative building-scale treatment, proven purification processes, real time online monitoring, and advanced analytical tools to demonstrate water quality and public health protection in real time. The advanced purification system for DPR will be sited at the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission Headquarters Building, where an existing Living MachineĀ® System treats the building's wastewater to non-potable reuse standards. Using this location allows for broad visibility and public access to potable water reuse. The treatment train will use the existing tertiary treatment system, followed by ultrafiltration (UF), reverse osmosis (RO), and ultraviolet light with an advanced oxidation process (UV AOP) to produce purified water. State-of-the-art advanced analytics, including bioassays and non-target analyses, will be used in conjunction with Critical Control Point (CCP) monitoring to prove the safety of the purification facility. Finally, the viability of DPR will be demonstrated while educating the public on the importance and safety of potable water reuse.

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