Incentives for Green Infrastructure Implementation on Private Property: Lessons Learned - 4684
Completion Year Research Value Research Manager Principal Investigator Contractor
2018 $265,168.00 Mr. Jonathan Cuppett Dan Basoli Abt Associates, Inc.

Green infrastructure is a best management practice (BMP) designed to retain, reduce, infiltrate, and/or treat stormwater runoff prior to entry into drainage systems. The benefit to both combined and separate storm sewer systems is reduced water quantity in conveyance systems, reduced peak flow, and improved water quality of flows not infiltrated into the soil and aquifers. Additional benefits include flood management, climate resiliency, improved neighborhood aesthetics, and providing economic offsets to gray infrastructure. In addition, green or sustainable building design is increasing to support water demand management and onsite management of stormwater through water efficient practices indoors and outdoors including water reuse.

This project will identify successes and lessons learned on how green infrastructure, low-impact development (LID), and, where relevant, green building can be incentivized on private property through retrofits or during new development and redevelopment beyond the minimum required by development ordinances.

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