Considerations for Security and Communications for Intelligent Water Systems - 4670
Completion Year Research Value Research Manager Principal Investigator Contractor
2018 $230,493.00 Ms. Mary Smith Philip Gaberdiel EMA, Inc.

Today’s water utilities utilize a wide range of information sources, including SCADA systems, AMI/AMR systems, water quality monitoring systems, security monitoring systems, etc. Each of these information sources, along with the technologies used to transmit the associated data, has evolved largely independently. As such, utilities must deal with numerous communication platforms along with multiple communication protocols and cybersecurity measures. The objective of this project is to first inventory the different types of information sources currently being used by water utilities along with the associated communication media and protocols. The project team will then assess the security risks associated with each information source and its communication approach and determine whether the current cybersecurity measures in use provide acceptable protection. In cases where the current measures appear inadequate, alternate approaches will be recommended.

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