Remote Sensing for Catchment Management - Phase 2 - 4576
Completion Year Research Value Research Manager Principal Investigator Contractor
2015 $1.00 Ms. Katie Henderson N/A
This project built upon the findings of Phase 1 (Project 4475) and developed a greater understanding of the costs and benefits of a wide range of imaging techniques available (e.g., satellite imagery from different sensors, aerial photography at different resolutions and multi-spectra, and unmanned aerial vehicles) to support source water protection programs. The project developed criteria to determine if/when remote sensing techniques are better options than ground-based surveys, and also developed guidance for using remote sensing to go beyond potential water quality risk to identify pathways and connectivity to the watercourse, allowing for targeted solutions to mitigate the water quality risk in a source water protection program. Phase I was published in May 2015. Research Partner: UKWIR. Published in 2015.

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Remote Sensing for Catchment Management - Phase 2457611/18/2015