Performance Benchmarking for Effectively Managed Water Utilities-4313
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2014$523,894Linda ReekieCH2M HILL 
This project identified best practices and metrics used by water utilities to support each of the ten attributes of effectively managed water utilities; developed and documented a framework and methodology for utilities to evaluate the attributes; and created an Excel-based tool that they can use to conduct a self-assessment for internal performance benchmarking. For each of the ten attributes, the tool helps a utility identify areas where it can undertake activity to improve its performance. Within each practice area, at least one performance measure is defined so that utilities can track their progress in achieving performance goals in areas they define as high priority. The tool allows utilities to track both the level of performance achieved and the degree of implementation within their organizations for each performance measure. Published in 2014. The Excel tool and User Guide are available under Project Resources/Web Tools. Guidance on conducting a self-assessment is available as a PDF for download as 4313a. Tthe final report is available to download as 4313b.

Report NameReport #AvailableOrder ReportDownload PDFExecutive Summary
Recommended Approach for Conducting a Self Assessment Using the Effective Utility Management Benchmarking Tool
Performance Benchmarking for Effectively Managed Water Utilities

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