A Monitoring and Control Toolbox for Biological Filtration - 4231
Completion Year Research Value Research Manager Principal Investigator Contractor
2013 $929,814.23 Hsiao-wen Chen Ph.D. Patrick Evans CDM Smith Inc.
The goal of this research was to benchmark current biological filtration (BF) design, operational, monitoring, and control practices by North American utilities; identify and evaluate a suite of monitoring and control tools for management of BF; and develop a practical and user-friendly Guidance Manual for BF monitoring and control. The monitoring component of the toolbox includes innovative and standard technologies to assess biological activity and associated effects on water quality and stability. The control component of the toolbox includes strategies for operation and optimization of BF. The final deliverables include a Guidance Manual (4231a), final report (4231b), Appendices with project data (under Project Resources/Project Papers), and a Webcast. The Guidance Manual, available in print and PDF, describes what BF techniques are available, why they are important, how to use them, what measurement ranges are typical, what the costs are, and what monitoring frequencies are recommended. Research partner: EPA. Published in 2013.

Report NameReport #AvailableOrder ReportDownload PDFExecutive Summary
Biological Filtration Monitoring and Control Toolbox: Guidance Manual4231a10/31/2013
A Monitoring and Control Toolbox for Biological Filtration4231b10/31/2013 
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