Water Research Foundation Project #4457 Video

This video was part of a WRF project that developed core messages for the water community to communicate with different audiences about the risks of key, priority CECs that, not only help explain the risks, but also account for consumer risk perceptions. It also provides guidance to water utilities regarding risk communication for different types of CECs in general. In addition to the research report, the project produced this animated video, Protecting Our Drinking Water, which provides context about chromium, medicines and personal care products, NDMA, and VOCs in drinking water. Two versions of the video are available: one for U.S. audiences, and one for Canadian audiences.

The project also produced question-and-answer articles (referred to as core message sheets or “Thinking about” sheets) for each of the four substances. Lastly, the 4457 project developed background technical information sheets to provide succinct information related to occurrence, toxicity, and treatment efficacy for each of the substances.